Essential Tips for Expats in Porto, Portugal

I’ve been living in Porto, Portugal for almost two months—and I absolutely adore this city! It’s not too big, it’s not too small! It has beautiful unspoilt beaches, it has friendly locals. It’s cheaper than most European countries, and the level of English is pretty darn great. The perfect life for an expat? Basically!

But one thing that I have noticed since moving here, is the lack of online presence when it comes to finding services and information about the city. Even Google Maps has admitted that they’re not fully functional in Porto yet, which has got to tell you something!

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2018’s Best Travel Destinations, Revealed

It feels like yesterday I was sitting in my living room in Barcelona on New Years Eve, and now it’s November and I’m in Porto with several new and exciting countries visited in between!

But what does the end of the year actually mean? Sure, it’s all about Christmas, New Years, fresh starts and all that jazz, but also—a brand new list of up and coming cities to visit and an updated travel bucket list. And isn’t that a reason to smile?

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The Top 10 Happiest Countries of 2017

It’s rare to meet someone who doesn’t hold some form of pride or attachment to their hometown or country—especially when that person is living or traveling far from home.

Why? Because leaving your comfort zone makes you realise the importance of all the small things—your weekly meet-ups with the girls, family dinners on Sunday, or allocating time to visit a near and dear friend every so often.

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Living Like a Local: London

I first moved to London in June 2015 and stayed for year. I then jumped to Seville, Barcelona, Cape Town, and now, I am back to living in this exciting city once again! During that time, I’ve moved houses a total of five times, and changed my career.

And while I continue to say that London has a certain way of chewing you up and spitting you out, I owe some of the best life changes to this magnificent city.

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Travel Smart: Cheap Hotel Websites to Use, and Those to Avoid

You know that feeling you get when you find a really cheap flight? The adrenaline kicks in, your heart beats furiously and you immediately run to get your bank card details in order to book your next trip.

Realistically however, finding that cheap flight is only the tip of the iceberg…what comes next is organising budget-friendly accommodation.

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Living Like a Local: Barcelona

If there’s one place that’ll bring a sense of magic to your life, it’s Barcelona. This small yet astonishing city is a place full of hope and passion. The locals are friendly, the expats are grateful, and the sights are just plain mesmerising—which is why I consider myself lucky to have lived there for a brief period of my life.

So let’s dive right in and explore the glory of Barcelona—the do’s & the don’ts, the breathtaking (architectural) sights, and the food.

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